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David Greenwood Cyber Threat 23

Hi! I'm Dave, founder DOGESEC!

Together, DOGESEC is a team of industry veterans building no-nonsense cyber threat intelligence tools.

Our growing company is focused on the problems we want to solve and who we want to solve them for.

If you are a threat intelligence analyst who wants access to tooling that will drastically improve your effectiveness, you are among friends.

There are no hard sells. No marketing fluff. No vendor lock-in.

We post vendor agnostic content on our blog to help pass on our knowledge.

We spend time addressing questions and taking part in debates on our community forum.

We publish a lot of our code under permissive open-source licenses on GitHub.

We offer free versions of all our products to ensure users know they are right for them (and we don't lock them into long licenses when they do become customers).

The simple fact is; we build products our threat intelligence analysts love.

DOGESEC is not going to change the world. DOGESEC is not going to become a billion dollar company. DOGESEC has nothing to do with crypto.

Take a look around and see how we might be able to help you ( promises!).

-Dave, and the entire DOGESEC team.